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Suppleness through lateral movement

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

We work with all our horses to help them bend laterally in order to achieve suppleness and balance. We even ask our school masters to use their entire body. Here we share recent articles from FEI on lateral work.

FEI - Lateral work is the ultimate suppling tool

A recent article by FEI talked about lateral movement as a "way to ease stiffness, develop suppleness both laterally and over the top line, and to encourage en even contact and loose, flowing movement." We couldn't agree more. Suppleness is important to our novice and amateur jumpers, hunters and equitation mounts just as it is to horses at the top of our showjumping sport. The movements have unrivaled conditioning effects for almost any equine athlete.

FEI - Improve his jumping & turning ability

In the final part of the series, FEI looks at the use of lateral movements with more experienced horses and riders. We especially like exercise of combining half pass, shoulder-in, renvers, and travers.

There are many videos and articles on the internet with problem solving tips should you need it. Perhaps the horse rushes or loses forward momentum. The most common problems we see with novice riders are too much neck bend and too wide a body angle.

Follow our blog as we share tips from experts around the world on equestrian sport. Whether you're just taking horseback riding lessons or part of a hunter jumper stable, we hope to provide some helpful ideas for both horse and rider.

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